Worship Team/Ensembles/Soloists

Worship Teams are formed by the Worship Pastor on a weekly basis, depending on the need of a particular service. The team is created from a list of individuals who have indicated this area of ministry as one to which they feel called. A worship team member at RCN must be able to quickly identify their vocal part and blend well with others. A worship team member is not a performer, but rather a proclaimer of their relationship with Jesus Christ. Those who serve on the worship team need to be flexible if needed on a short notice and have a Christ-like attitude.

Ensembles are formed periodically from a list of individuals who indicated they were interested in serving in such groups.

Soloists are used in many choir songs. Most of the time, solos will be assigned by the Worship Pastor; however, auditions are also a practice for a particular solo or character in a musical. If a choir member is interested in singing the solo in a choir song, the choir must communicate that to the Worship Pastor so that she can hear the individual sing the solo.

Soloists and Ensemble Groups are assigned a particular date in which they are asked to choose the music and work on it on their own time. God has gifted the church with many talented musicians.

For more information, contact Pastor Katie, Worship Pastor and Choir Director, at kbennett@yourchurch.org.